Managing the Impact of Prostate Cancer Treatments on Sexual Function and Intimacy

Living with prostate cancer can affect many aspects of a person’s life including sexuality, sexual functioning and personal relationships.

Studies have shown that treatments for prostate cancer may cause sexual changes that can reduce the quality of life for patients and their partners. These changes can be difficult for many men who already have a lifetime of sexual experience and have continuing expectations. Changes may occur to urinary continence, sexual self-esteem, libido, penile functioning, orgasm, and ejaculation. To help adapt to these changes, prostate cancer patients and their partners may need to adjust their sexual expectations and activities.

For these reasons, we provide a group education session to help newly diagnosed or newly treated men and their partners learn about strategies to manage sexual side effects and to ask questions. Our Sexual Health Clinicians who specialize in sexual health and chronic illness present this 60 minute session.

As part of our program, there is also an opportunity for patients (either alone or with their partner) to have a confidential appointment with a Sexual Health Clinician to develop a plan for their sexual adjustment post prostate cancer treatment.

We encourage individuals to participate in this module. Being proactive before and after prostate cancer treatments will help optimize your sexual function, sexual self-esteem and partner intimacy.

Please visit the “Session Dates” page for the next available Module 2 education session and contact the program coordinator if you would like to attend.

This session is designed to:

  • Add to one’s current understanding of sexual health and sexuality.
  • Inform you about the possible sexual changes caused by prostate cancer treatments.
  • Introduce penile and sexual rehabilitation
  • Begin to review the efficacy, pros and cons of various management options for sexual changes in a positive way.

To access the Patient Information Sheets, please visit our Resources page under Sexual Health Resources.

To book an appointment with the Sexual Health Clinician a referral form is required. Please download the form here and ask your treating physician to complete it.

Sexual Health and Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer and Sexual Function Series

Sexuality and Prostate Cancer Series

If you are interested in attending a module, please contact the PCSC Program Coordinator at 604-875-4485 or, or please complete the intake form via the link below.

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