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Living with prostate cancer: a mixed-method evaluation of group therapy intervention to alleviate psychological distress in a Canadian setting 

Kuhl, D. R., Lutz, K., Wu, E., Arsovska, O., Berkowitz, J., Klimas, J., Sundar, M., Goldenberg, S. L., & Higano, C. S. | Supportive Care in Cancer.



Sexual rehabilitation recommendations for prostate cancer survivors and their partners from a biopsychosocial Prostate Cancer Supportive Care Program

Yuen W, Witherspoon L, Wu E, Wong J, Sheikholeslami S, Bentley J, Zarowski C, Sundar M, Elliott S, Higano C, Flannigan R.  | Supportive Care in Cancer.

Exercise Recommendation for People with Bone Metastases: Expert Consensus for Health Care Providers and Exercise Professionals

Campbell KL, Cormie P, Weller S, Alibhai SMH, Bolam KA, Campbell A, Cheville AL, Dalzell A, Hart NH, Higano CS, Lane K, Mansfield S, McNeely ML, Newton RU, Quist M, Rauw J, Rosenberger F, Santa Mina D, Schmitz KH, Winters-Stone KM, Wiskemann J, and Goulart J.  |  JCO Oncology Practice.


Pearls to Pivoting a Multidisciplinary Prostate cancer Survivorship Program During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Flannigan R, Sundar M, Weller S, Ivanov N, Hu M, Dayan M, Chen C, Wu E, Goldenberg L, and Higano CS |  European Urology Oncology


Clinic Utilization and Characteristics of Patients Accessing a Prostate Cancer Supportive Care Program’s Sexual Rehabilitation Clinic

Wong J, Witherspoon L, Wu E, Sheikholeslami, Liao W, Yuen W, Bentley J, Zarowski C, Sundar M, Elliott S, Higano CS, and Flannigan R |  Journal of Clinical Medicine


Development, implementation, and evaluation of a Prostate Cancer Supportive Care Program

Hedden L, Pollock P, Elliott S, Bossio JA, Weller S, Van Patten, CL, Dayan M, Lutz K, Kuhl D, Spillane M, Sundar M, Goldenberg L, and Higano CS   |  Journal of Community and Supportive Oncology


Evaluating an educational intervention to alleviate distress amongst men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer and their partners

Hedden L, Wassersug R, Mahovlich S, Pollock P, Sundar M, Bell RH, Goldenberg L, and Higano CS  |  British Journal of Urology International


Sexual Recovery Following Prostate Cancer: Recommendations From 2 Established Canadian Sexual Rehabilitation Clinics

Elliott S & Matthew A  |  Sexual Medicine Reviews



Sexual Health After Cancer Therapy

Higano CS, Zarowski C, Wassersug R, and Elliott S |   Journal of Oncology Practice


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