Counselling Services & Group Therapy Workshops

It is normal to feel overwhelmed, and anxious after a diagnosis of cancer. Between 35-45% of all cancer patients will experience significant anxiety or depression at some point along their cancer journey.

Studies have found that family members and loved ones of prostate cancer patients may also experience significant distress as a result of diagnosis.

Having practical and emotional support during and after diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer is important. Counselling may support those, who otherwise suffer in silence.

If you feel overwhelmed by your or your partner’s prostate cancer diagnosis or treatment, the PCSC Program has a professional counselling service. We offer up to 6 complimentary private, confidential clinic appointments for prostate cancer patients and their spouses/partners, either separately or together, with our clinical counsellor.

In addition to the clinical counselling sessions, group therapy workshops are available for men with prostate cancer. The workshops require a three all-day commitment, with a ½ day follow-up session three months later. A medical doctor and a clinical counsellor lead the workshops.

The focus of the workshops is the development of a cohesive group, and a safe confidential space where men can work to enhance strategic communication skills, to discuss and normalize difficult topics, and to share learning on how to function on a day to day basis through the experience of prostate cancer and treatment.


Both the counselling sessions and workshops are held at the Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre, 2775 Laurel Street, Vancouver, BC (across from Vancouver General Hospital).


As a module of the Vancouver Prostate Cancer Supportive Care (PCSC) Program, we offer one-on-one clinical appointments with our registered clinical counsellor for patients (pre- or post-treatment) and/or their partners with psychological issues related to their or their partner’s prostate cancer experience.  Additionally, group therapy workshops are available for prostate cancer patients led by a medical doctor and/or a clinical counsellor.

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