Vancouver PCSC Program Team

S. Larry Goldenberg, CM, OBC, MD

Director & Founder 
Dr. Goldenberg is the Director and founder of the PCSC Program and a Professor for the Department of Urologic Sciences, UBC. He is a urologic surgeon and clinical scientist with an international reputation for excellence in prostate cancer research and treatment. He has been recognized for his contributions to health care by being inducted into the Order of British Columbia and the Order of Canada.

Celestia S. Higano, MD FACP

Medical Director                                          Dr. Higano is a prostate cancer specialist, and is Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine. She is also Director of the Genitourinary Oncology Clinical Research Group at the University of Washington and a member of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Monita Sundar, MA

Program Manager, Acting Provincial Program Manager
Monita Sundar, MA, is the Program Manager for the PCSC Program in Vancouver. Prior to joining the PCSC program in 2014, Monita worked in Cardiology at VGH for over 19 years in various roles including clinical research coordinator and project consultant.  Monita holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Master of Arts in Gerontology, both from SFU. Monita is passionate about educating older adults to better understand their health condition, and how to implement strategies and programs that will promote better health and quality of life.

Stacy Elliott, MD

Sexual Health Lead
Stacy Elliott, MD is Director of the Sexual Health Module of the PCSC Program. Dr. Elliott is a Sexual Medicine Physician whose interests lie in sexual rehabilitation after prostate cancer treatment. Dr. Elliott is a well-recognized Canadian expert in the field of male sexual dysfunction and an invited international speaker. She is also a Clinical Professor with the Departments of Psychiatry and Urologic Sciences, University of British Columbia

Christine Zarowski, RN

Sexual Health Clinician
Christine Zarowski, RN, is the primary Sexual Health Clinician to the PCSC Program and has extensive experience as a rehabilitation nurse since 1986. Prior to joining the PCSC Program in June 2013, she worked at the Sexual Health Rehabilitation Service at G.F. Strong for 11 years, where she helped provide education and support to clients and families who experienced changes to sexuality as a result of a disability.

David Kuhl, MD, PhD

Psycho-oncology Lead 
Dr. David Kuhl, MD, PhD is a Professor in the Departments of Family Practice and Urologic Sciences, Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Kuhl graduated with a Masters in Health Sciences (Community Health and Epidemiology) from the University of Toronto in 1981, and received his medical degree from McMaster University in 1985. Dr. Kuhl is Module lead for the Counselling and Group Therapy Workshops module of the PCSC Program. He facilitates the Men’s Group Workshops with Kevin Lutz.

Marcy Dayan BSR, MHA

Registered Physiotherapist
Marcy Dayan BSR, MHA, is a registered physiotherapist with expertise in the management and treatment of incontinence, genital and rectal pain, pelvic organ prolapse, and pelvic musculoskeletal dysfunction. She has a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation and a Master of Health Administration from UBC. She presents an information session for prostate cancer patients who will be having or have had treatment on Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy for Urinary Incontinence. Marcy also runs a weekly clinic for patients post-treatment where she uses biofeedback to help manage urinary incontinence.

Sarah Weller, CSEP-CEP

Certified Exercise Physiologist
Sarah Weller, CSEP-CEP is a cancer exercise specialist who uses exercise to help reduce the side-effects of both the cancer and its treatments. Sarah received her Bachelor of Human Movement Studies (2006) from the University of Queensland, Australia, and has recently started a Masters of Science in Rehabilitation Science with University of British Columbia. On behalf of the PCSC Program, Sarah presents an information session, on exercise for both prostate cancer patients and their family members; and runs an exercise clinic, where patients can see her one-on-one to develop a personalized exercise prescription.

Nikita Ivanov MN-NP

Nurse Practitioner
Nikita Ivanov MN-NP Nikita is a Nurse Practitioner practicing at the Vancouver British Columbia Cancer Agency with the Genitourinary Tumor group. In collaboration with his interdisciplinary colleagues, Nikita provides systemic treatment, evaluates treatment response, assesses and manage chronic conditions and symptoms related to the chemotherapy in patients with prostate, testicular, kidney and bladder cancers. Nikita is a monthly guest lecturer with the PCSC program where he provides education on side effects management of androgen deprivation therapy to prostate cancer patients.

Monica Tancon, RN

Sexual Health Clinician
Monica Tancon, RN joined the PCSC program in September 2017 as a Sexual Health Clinician. She holds a Bachelors’ of Science in Nursing from Douglas College from 2010, and is currently completing further education in Sexual Rehabilitation at BCIT. During the past 6 years, Monica has worked within a trauma-informed practice role in the community setting, where she developed an interest in sexual health and expanded her role, becoming certified in sexual and reproductive health. In her role at the PCSC program, she will provide support and education to patients and their partners within a sexual rehabilitation model, helping them with their sexual adaptation process following prostate cancer treatment.

Julia O’Loughlin, M.A.

Julia joined the PCSC team in June of 2018 to take over for Dr. Jenn Bossio as the clinical lead on the INTROSPPECT study. Her ample experience in sexual health research and sex therapy make her an excellent person to lead the INTROSPPECT study, which explores what treatments help couples cope with changes to their intimacy after prostate cancer. This study bring together Julia’s interests in sexual health and dyadic adjustment following adversity or significant transition and utilizes her orientation towards acceptance-based and cognitive-behavioural therapies. Julia graduated with honours and distinction from the University of Victoria with an undergraduate degree in Gender and Sexuality Studies. She graduated with first class standing from the University of British Columbia with a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology.

Caroline Pollock, BSc, RD

Registered Dietitian
Caroline is one of our newest members joining our PCSC team. Caroline is a Registered Dietitian and will be seeing patients one-day a week in our program. Caroline also works for BC Cancer as a clinical dietitian, working closely with cancer patients as they are undergoing treatment and she works with the Vancouver Farmer’s Market as the manager of the West End Farmers Market. Caroline completed her education at the University of British Columbia and her dietetic internship with the Provincial Health Services Authority. Caroline previously worked in research in the international nutrition field with The Micronutrient Project in Uganda.

Eugenia Wu, BSc

Clinical Research Coordinator
Eugenia Wu, BSc is Clinical Research Coordinator for the PCSC Program. She studied Pharmacology at the University of Toronto and has worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator in Cardiology research for the last 2 years. She is coordinating a number of studies for the PCSC Program, and will be setting up some new studies and chart reviews for the Program.

Faith Miller, BSc

Clinical Research Coordinator
Faith joins our team this Summer as the INTROSPPECT Study Coordinator, taking over from Chris Pang. Faith recently moved to Vancouver from London, where she was working as a Research Coordinator in Women’s Health since 2015. Faith studied Biomedical Science at the University of Manchester, graduating in 2014, where she discovered her interest in Reproductive and Sexual Health.
Faith is very excited to take over the coordination of the INTROSPPECT study, and learn from the rest of the PCSC Program’s Research team.

Olga Arsovska, BSc, MA, CCRP, CPM

Clinical Research Coordinator
Olga is our newest Clinical Research Coordinator for the PCSC Program. Her role involves overseeing research projects and leasing with various system partners. Olga has worked in healthcare for over 10 years at VGH and BCCH. In her previous role at UBC, Olga was the Research Manager for the Stone Centre, where she managed all research projects, focusing on patient participation, administrative, ethics, legal, and other regulatory and research related activities at the Stone Centre.

Mika Vivar, BSc

Research Assistant
Mika joined our team in January 2018 as the PCSC Program’s Research Assistant. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at the University of British Columbia in 2016. Mika has been involved in research since 2014, having had experience working in Biochemistry, and Cellular Physiology labs within the UBC Department of Medicine, as well as Cereal Molecular Biology research for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Lethbridge, AB. She has also volunteered as a Student Researcher in Interventional Radiology at the Peter Lougheed Hospital in Calgary. Most recently, Mika worked towards generating case reports to explore the use of medical cannabis for pain intervention.

Jenna Bentley, BA

Clinic Support Assistant
Jenna joined our team in February 2018 as our new Clinic Support Assistant. Jenna recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia, and has previous administrative experience working with non-profit legal and health organizations such as Access Pro Bono & the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. Jenna is responsible for the program’s administrative duties, including booking appointments for the PCSC clinics and organizing education sessions.

Sheena St. Clair

Medical Office Administrator
Sheena St. Clair joined our team in February 2017 as the PCSC Program Medical Office Administrator. Sheena completed her Medical Office Assistant certificate in 2008 at Burnaby Continuing Education. She books all the appointments for the PCSC Program clinics.

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